Programs & Descriptions

Inspiring a Love of Fitness for a Lifetime

Crossfit Kids is a strength and conditioning program that pairs fun and fitness.

Children participate in a variety of engaging, safe, and developmentally appropriate activities that deliver measurable results and promote a feeling of confidence in their accomplishments.

Each class includes fun workouts in a group setting, encouraging team work, sportsmanship, and discipline.

Kids will learn how to push, pull, run, throw, climb, lift and jump, effectively and safely regardless of whether or not they are involved in athletics.

All ability and fitness levels are welcome!

Frequently asked Questions

Who can participate?
We currently have four skill groups All the games, skills and activities are scaled to meet the developmental needs of the individual. A signed waiver is required for all children participating. Current ​Skill Groups: ​Animaniacs, ​Iron Kids, ​Hulksters, Avengers, Titans,​ Parent/tot classes are offered for 6-week sessions throughout the year.

When are classes offered?
Please follow link to see the current Crossfit Kids schedule and programming.

Who are the coaches?
Our current Crossfit Kids Coaches are Amy DiBasilio and Shilpi Chona

What should my child wear?
Children should wear comfortable clothes and gym shoes. It is highly recommended that each child come prepared with their own water bottle.

What is my role as a parent?
Parents are welcome to watch all classes. Parents can cheer and encourage, but must stay in the parent viewing area and may not coach.

How does it work?
Each child may participate in 1 free trial class to see if we are a good fit for them.

How do I sign up or get more information?
Please e-mail Amy at for more information



Ace (10 years old): I love crossfit! Crossfit gets you moving, exercising and it strengthens your body. I've been a part of CrossFit Illumine Kids for a while now, and the coaches make it really fun while challenging. They have also taught me to be leader to the younger kids too which is good for all kids. I think all kids would really enjoy CrossFit Illumine Kids.

Josh (7 years old): Crossfit is fun! At CrossFit Illumine Kids, they have us do obstacle courses, games and new workouts every week. My favorite exercises are jumping rope, box jumps and now I can do pullups too! Crossfit Kids helps me stay healthy and help me grow muscles.

Francis (dad): I've been a member of Crossfit Illumine since 10/13 and found out that they were starting a kids version sometime in March. I was a little skeptical about signing my daughter up for this, at first, knowing how the different types of exercises the adults do. Also, I wasn't sure if my daughter would like it - she is a girly girl and not one who likes to sweat. But, after her first class, she was hooked. Coach Amy and Coach Shilpi has done a tremendous job at tailoring the program to teach the kids all the basic movements (no weights) while making it fun as well. They also incorporate activities that challenges the kids to think as well. We now have a weekly routine where she teaches me all the things she has learned from class. It is good to show kids that exercise is fun and being active is not a bad thing at all. I am glad I signed my daughter up for this and would highly recommend this class.