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Why do people hate CrossFit?
Not dislike. Not ignore. Hate.

After more than ten years in a standard gym, my business partner and now great friend convinced me to give CrossFit a try. That was a little more than six months ago-and I know I'm never going back. CrossFit challenges me as I've never been challenged before. My approach to "fitness" is a much healthier one now, including fundamentals such as actual stretching, reasonable warm ups, true proper form, real strength, more wholesome eating, and cardiovascular training beyond a treadmill.

Now a few months in, I'm beginning to be exposed to the world of CrossFit, including vitriolic internet trolls, exercise "scientists" whose apparent mission is to (unsuccessfully) discredit CrossFit's methodologies, and even former sponsors (!) who now actively attempt to undermine a fitness revolution that has hundreds of thousands of people around the world taking control of their health in a way not yet seen on such a mass scale.

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