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Resistance Training will be the most effective form of exercise to lay down muscle mass. Muscle burns substantially more calories, resulting in a higher metabolism and smaller clothing size. This is one more way you are creating a better, faster metabolism rate. Your personlized body transformation calls for you to complete 3 days a week of resistance training.

Types of Training

Factors of Health

The American Heart Association has published studeis stating that decreasing smoking in the first year ofprescribed program decreases chances for heart disease and stroke by 10%.


Body Mas Index

(BMI) can be used to indicate if you are overweight, obese, underweight or normal. It will, however, overestimate fatness in people who are muscular or atheletic. Because of these problems, this body mass index calculator shows extra statistics to help you be informed and judge your own body compared to others of the same height and age.


Body Fat %

Knowing percent body fat tells you more about your body than any other test. It tells you what your correct weight ought to be, how much fat you have, how much muscle, and what exactly you need to gain or lose. Knowing this one number allows you to design an exercise program to maximize your efforts.




A person's risk of Type II Diabetes is the sum of six factors: family history, exercise, age, gender, BMI, and percent of body fat. Consider a female that is 5ft 6in, 175 lbs, 36 years old who has a family history in diabetes. Her BMI is 28.3 and her body fat % is 35%.


Nutrition becomes very important if you are looking to shed that extra weight. You have to focus in calories intake vs calories out. 60%-40% is the balance of diet over everday assesments. Proper food selection is very essential. Making the right food choices is the extra edge that will help you get the physic or health you have always watned. Portion control is what helps you control your diet so you do not eat such a big meal and helps you organize your day. Pre and post workout intake help recovery muscle fibers torn. Proper hydration and water intake will help you keep moving and energized through out your work out. It is essential that you intake the proper amount of water before, during and after the work out.

    Benefits of Training

    When you being to train, you start with a complete body composition that helps measure the full set of measurements such as cardiovascular fitness test and a target heart rate designed just for you. Your specific goals are identified and personalized program to establish and help you.